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Are Surely Not Your Best...

so Grams is moving away. To Pennsylvania. As if she doesn't live far away as it is. Jeeze. I'm really upset about this.
Been awhile 02-04-06 12:50
been awhile eh?
oh well
anyways nothings really new
just being bored.
listening to this song called I Wish You Were Here...only idk who sings it...cause Aj put it on a cd for me but didnt tell me who sang the song. I guess ill have to find out on my own.

me and Mitch's 3 month is monday....woot!

----EDIT---- sweet ass i found who sang the song haha Incubus. 100 points for Ashley!
Awesome Party 01-22-06 11:30
awesome party at my boyfriends house last night. heh. Barb, Kaitlyn, and Nick locked me and Mitch on the porch...dumbasses.. eh we just made out.. which is what they wanted us to do..i guess. But yeah that was basically "our" group i guess you could say. or as everyone else puts it. idk wtf was up with Jessi. she was just being a hard ass i guess. prolly cuz she was around Ben. now that i think about it, I thought Ben didn't like Jessi... yet he was hanging out with her practically all night. ... odd? yes indeed it is.
Oh well i had fun and thats all that matters lol. it was funny Mitch, Nick, and Barb went for a walk but me and Kaitlyn didn't want to because it was too cold to go walking. So everyone else was like in the boys' room. and the window was open. so me and Kaitlyn ran back and forth. We did that like alot of times cuz we were singing Ben and Michelle sittin a tree...yeah you know the rest. Yeah mainly, we hung out on the porch but toward the end we were in the boys' room. then it got down to just me, Barb, Mitch and Aj. I made Mitch's bed cuz like everyone messed it up. And thats just how nice i am lol. besides he had to work early this morning and he was getting pretty tired. Well then Jessyka came to get me. We got ice cream from McD's. and came home. I finished it and went to bed. haha I took Mitch's hat. oh well i told him i was taking it.
PERMIT ....YES?! 01-18-06 14:13
woo im excited.

and on the first try too.

Cool Pic 01-13-06 13:09
Image hosted by

hehe thats Mitchell and I. arent we cute together?
Worst Day ... January 3rd 01-04-06 14:24
so i guess yesturday my sweet 16 was like the worst day ever. none of my friends are like happy. and it sux. and they idk i just feel bad because they had a sucky day, on one of my great days. ya know. i was all happy bout my sweet 16 until now. eh idk... im so just ugh!

the worst day ever : january 3rd, 2006, my sweet 16 ... aint that just wonderful? hince the sarcasm

it just makes me feel oh so great.......NOT!

on one good side, i got an all black kitty i named her Princess
yeah today is my sweet 16. joy... family party tonight, friend party on saturday. thats about it really.

so what i wanted to happen last night didnt. ugh. Mitch's mom decided not to have people over. So i went and spent the night at Jessi's with her and Michelle. it was fun.

then today came home, opened my present from Mike, Debbie, and Brian. and yeah. I got this dolphin light/water fall thingy. its awesome.

anyways heres a few pics of me from last night

Image hosted by
that was me after Jessi did my make up like the in the music video Helena by My Chemical Romance....the lead singer Gerod...yeah. thats what look i was going for lol.

Image hosted by
Everyone seems to like this pic because it shows my "sensitive" and "caring" side... psht yeah.. okay. i hate my hair in this one.
heh well I thought things were going good, heh i thought wrong.
Bre and Jimmy are back hate this. They break up once a month or ever two months. Few hours later that night, they get back together. It hurts her everytime. Oh well she "gets mad" at Jimmy. OKAY... yeah I talked to her about it and she told me the real reason they're together b/c what happend in 7th grade. It doesnt matter what happend in 7th grade, what matters is whats happening now. Jimmy treating her like shit thats what. Oh no she dont think he his. She made him her entire life. Every time she tries to hang out with her friends, he says "oh sure go ahead, im not mad" then while shes out with her friends having a good time he calls "oh we're over!" and its so annoying. and everyone can see it. So i finally told her, if her and Jimmy broke up and got back together, I wont ever talk to her again. Cuz im tired of this shit.

Then theres my friend Brian. He's really fuct up in the head...or so he claims. He told me he cut himself, so i can stop pretending like i dont know. We just talked and i sorta helped him. And i told him if he ever needed someone to talk to, he can call me. im like always home lol.

Then theres Ben...Ben is being "mr. emo" again. Oh because he really loved Bre but Bre didn't love him back in the same way. And Jimmy is just so much better than Ben and what not. So i told him to shut the fuck up, he's not less than Jimmy. If anything, he's way better than him. and he just hasn't found the right girl yet. But i told him, shes out there somewhere waiting for him. He hasn't had a g/f since Bre. over the summer. Well put yourself out there, jeeze.

Oh and i guess Mitch's dad is in the hospital ... again... pancritis *or h/e u spell it*

Hopefully next year is better. Happy New Year people.
Dun Dun Dun 12-30-05 18:14
heh i guess i havent updated in awhile. eh oh well. no one really reads this shit anyways. soooo ummm things have been good lately. got to see Mitch yesturday. and it was awesome. i hope i get to see him tomorrow cuz i dont wanna spend it without him and we could kiss right at midnight hehe. which would be awesome. heh i got kissed yesturday in the rain lol. it was just sprinkling though. oh well still counts in my book.

well my sweet 16 is in like 4 days. woo. not really. lets see im having a little family party on tuesday, then one for my friends on saturday (next saturday that is, not tomorrow). ummm hopefully my mom gets the van up and working enoff to move it out of the garage because i need the garage space for my party and shit.
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